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Nope. We used to call him The Kerryman.


Creche rang asking me to take Rascal home cos he was unwell. He was never sick before he went to creche but in hospital 4 times since he started in September. This on top of the 10% increase announced last week got me a bit riled. The manager must have been on the rag cos she took awful offence at my questioning her creche. She practically told me and the chisler to do one. Will remove him from this one but wondering whether to go to another creche or go the childminding route. Thoughts?


They are a cesspit for health issues mate but immunity builds up eventually. What age is he?


The petri dish of modern society. Expect the child to pick up everything in the next 12 months.


Ring her up again and ask for a copy of the CFA crèche inspection report. If she gets lippy tell her you can just as easily ring and ask the CFA for the report.

The reports are on the CFA website so you look up the alternatives as well.


You’ve jumped the gun here Mike. The kid will be sick no matter what creche he’s in. Ask the question are they a good creche in the grand scheme of things? Is your little fella happy and well occupied? If so, it’s back there tomorrow with a box of chocolates and a smile.

Child minders are extremely hit and miss in my experience (one personal and some anecdotally). Blessed if you get a good one though.


His kid was in hospital 4 times since joining the creche ffs. He didn’t jump the gun


May well not have been the creche’s fault. What was he in for @mikehunt? If you don’t mind me asking.


Keep your nose out of it. Some things are private


Kids get sick in the creche it’s just part of it. Chikdminding can be excellent option. We have one in each and v lucky to get a good childminder.



Is that what you’re calling yourself these days?


I like edgy fran but try and come up with some of your own material


Easy swampy. I’m sure he can speak for himself. If you’d any decency you’d offer him your mother in laws services for a few weeks child minding to tide him over and help reduce the risk.


I doubt the mother in law has a stamp 4


He’s had 4 viral infections that knocked the shit out of him, each resulting in a longer stay in hospital. I wouldn’t have him in a creche that has a manager speak to a customer the way she did to me. It gives a hint as to how she treats the staff who look after him. Just wondering if going to a childminder would give him the break from sickness. Pros and cons to each i suppose.


Battery hens get sick a lot as well.


That’s not in the spirit of TFK, round here we just roll with the latest thing somebody has made up about someone else and it tends to stick


Dark day for the Jacks.


@Tassotti :open_mouth:


Saoirse is the most popular girls name in County Waterford. :clap: