The Official TFK Father's Issues Thread


Some dyslexic fucker obviously spelled Haris wrong.


Aria, Matilda, Harper, Willow, Indigo, Reidin. Christ above.


Matilda is a grand name, the rest are tragic alright.

Feilim though, jesus.


Is Reidin prounced ridin or raidin?


I’d say its similar to @raylan.


Pure cruelty to be condemning a child to a lifetime of spelling their name. At least people could spell Harper.



TBF ask anyone called Niamh, Aoife, Caoimhe etc how they get on when they go out foreign.

This Mohammad thing is concerning though. Is there anything we can do?


Are you saying we need a solution?


I’m sure the instances of Marys and Johns being born in the UAE has increased at a similar rate in the last ten years as well.

Move along. Nothing to see here.


Nothing has been finalised yet. Stand down til you hear more.

Thats exactly what they want you to think


A[quote=“Julio_Geordio, post:5823, topic:13269, full:true”]

Is Reidin prounced ridin or raidin?

It’s pronounced ‘Rèidín’.




In Dublin it’s pronounced Ray deeyan. As in Ray deeyan come in for your fuckin dinnu


That’s the one. It can’t be that difficult if the Polish fella knows how to say it.


I am Oirish originally.


tilly is a great name mate


My neighbour has a dog called Tilly


He wasn’t swanning around when it came to Irish.


your neighbour is a wise wise man