The Official TFK Father's Issues Thread


It’s a proddy/RNLI kind of a name. [quote=“The_Selfish_Giant, post:5836, topic:13269, full:true”]
tilly is a great name mate


It’s a Maoist Catholic name


It’s not a name at all.


OK bro. I’m not going to disagree with you during this catastrophic assault you have unleashed on the forum


It’s like something Bertie Wooster would call his daughter


Feilim though, jesus.

Knew a Felim once… Nothing but the two ends…




Indeed, Tilly Zhang is a very common name among nuns.


Tilly :joy:

Who’d name their child Tilly ffs?


Gordon Ramsay :grin:


Stick to grandparents names, safe as houses.


The 5 most popular boys names in 1966 are the way to go.


Jack has been ruined by gowls who want their son to sound cool. Fucked it up for everyone.


Hi Jack


Jack isn’t even a real name, it’s a derivation of John.


A tennis playing sailing cunt.


will you head back to spend a few days with young Fintan over the Summer?


There’s a Limerick bird- Tilly McReese (not her real name) give her a google.


The number of Richard Heads on LinkedIn is bemusing.


I had to brush my daughters hair this morning and put it in a ponytail. It was tough but I managed it.