The Official TFK Father's Issues Thread




Sounds like some hun who was expecting the wife to drop a Billy and had to revert to plan B


its short for Matilda mate


I’ll be going home for a week in August for the fleadh in Ennis, I’ll be bring Fintan out for a few day sessions


Bank Holiday Monday mornings with a clear head & Baby TV’s Magical First Discoveries on in the background.



I must ring Fintan, I want to tell him I love him


I bet you’re a great father


We’d have called our one matilda only we were worried it’d be shortened to tilly. You’d need to say it in the voice of a braying sloan to realise how awful it sounds.


You are a long way from london


Galway is a long way from Dublin 4. Doesn’t stop plenty of people.


True enough. Although I dont think that will stop you from getting back to Galway.


Please God.
I was talking about accents really.


Happy Father’s Day to all the wonderful tfk Dads.


@Tassotti in particular of course. I’d say Fintan will bring him out for a steak dinner and a few hookers later.




Disgraceful shit.


Sarcasm I’d say and he’ll get the likes from all sides. Genius really.


Given events with one of our posters yesterday I’d as soon leave Father’s Day slip under the radar this year. Enough said.


A new phone from Mrs Kremmen and middle daughter!

Eldest lady is stateside and has sent a lovely video message and the young fella has offered to cut the grass. Little rascal is used to sitting up on the mower with me and is only mad to have a go on his own. He won’t be getting it, but a lovely thought all the same.

I’m off to the Things That Are Right thread.


A new phone for Father’s Day?

The country is fucked