The Official TFK Father's Issues Thread


My wife and children went off to the in-laws yesterday. Meaning I went out for a skip of pint bottles after the match last night and have the house to myself all day today. Must go train the young fellas and then throw myself down for the day.


How many laps will you make them do?


5 laps, then a match. Same as always. They like the routine.


Just back from a 9:30am session myself. The little cunts were half asleep until 10:15, we didn’t do laps or anything too strenuous because we’ve a few snowflakes on the team and a good few snowflake parents.


That sounds fantastic


Reading this thread it seems that the best Father’s Day present a father can get is his family fucking off and leaving him alone for the day.




My little one came in this morning with a handmade card which was lovely.

I’m fucking seething cos the little rip got her mother a champagne afternoon tea in powerscourt and I didn’t even get a present


And a few scratch cards for good measure :slight_smile:


That’s a ten!


Two in the one day! Unrale



And they have the cheek to bitch about equal pay. Tight fuckers


Best fathers day present ever, time alone.


Who is this cunt?


Got a new pair of elvis and am sitting down in a few minutes to the mother of roaster dinners


You got mugged off there pal


There was only one Elvis


Jesus @Fagan_ODowd - you must be up to high dough with this game today