The Official TFK Father's Issues Thread


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Brought the six year old for to Croke Park yesterday for his first trip. Combining tfk classics of gambling and sport I told him I put a bet on so if Dublin won he would win 10 euro. This was to ensure he stayed involved in the game.

He was gripped by the game to such an extent that when we got home he was able to tell his mother the points gap at half time and throughout the second half and how nervous he was at Dublin losing although he added Kildare never really got close.

I hope I have now made a GAA fan for life albeit at the risk he will end up shooting gay porn to pay gambling debts.

Post of the Year 2017

Have no worries mate.
It will be as common as working a few hours in a local bar by the time he’s a grown man.


Jesus mate, slippery slope stuff there :eek:

I saw a couple teaching a young lad (8 or 9) to play slots the other day and I have to admit I looked my nose down at them :pensive:


But you are the Official TFK Parent of the Year.


Father of the year.


So you keep saying anyway,


@Phil_Leotardo :clap:


Are you trying to cash in on his likes mate? :astonished:
I’ve been pestering the missus for another child so I can break my record.


I’m an admired poster, you creep.


Think you’re alright on that score, you didn’t go to the Tyrone match!


10 years and 50k posts mate, but I admire you either way, why the aggro?


I’m an admired poster - we are an elite group on the forum and we don’t need back seat drivers piping up telling us what’s what.


You’ve completely lost me again, as usual in your panic to throw your weight around you’re making no sense.


The admired posters are a bunch of crawlers who’ll befriend anyone and suport anything for a few likes.


An old boys club mate


Not in be least pal. I am a hateful fucker who despises everything and everyone.


I hate every cunt on this forum.


Don’t be jealous. You mugs made us.


Congrats @Phil_Leotardo