The Official TFK Father's Issues Thread


That’s actually what my wife always tells me, that both of us HAVE to have the last word so it’s a recipe for disaster really.


She didn’t lick it off the ground Brimmer!


Like you and the two spinsters.


Picked up one of these bad boys earlier on, 9 ft x 6 for 35 euro, anybody on the SCR will hear the screeching from my gaff


Will you let your kids get in it as well?


I have an eleven year old who plays that game as well


Congrats @Phil_Leotardo.


Well now pal, perhaps you should look at the thread titles before you start with the painfully obvious gags


Where did you get it buddy? Argos? The thought had crossed my mind yesterday


Smyths for that one anyway, took some pumping and filling mind


I won that battle. I won it fucking well.
The two of them are fuming and still out to get me but the entire union branch are behind me on the issue.
When one of the spinsters fooled another lad to run against me in this years election for staff rep I sent him and the two cunts home with their tae in a mug.
They got away with bullying junior staff for years. Until Brimmer sorted them out.




You have to do a bit more than just pestering mate…unless she is going to outsource.


Surprised @Tassotti isn’t there. Sorry, mate.


You may finish pumping it up tomorrow. We got the same one at the start of the summer. Savage fun but I’ve a pain in my hole cleaning it. And it’s slippy as fuck.


I ran out of patience pumping to be honest, it became obvious that the second tier was only for the look, I’ll probably do it later
Some craic out there this afternoon though


:clap::clap: “you’re putting in a pool…you’re the last true family man”

In all seriousness, fair play BIATS. Great to see parents out enjoying the weather with the kids as opposed to dragging them to the crescent shopping centre or some other shrine to commerce


What’s in the bull is in the calf by the sound of it.


Bad ram bad lamb


You need one of these pal.

Can get them for less than a tenner in most hardware shops. Top and bottom sections of your pool done in 30 seconds. Add in a tap mixer adapter for a hozelock type hose and you get warm water in quickly too so it’s not Baltic altogether. It’ll elevate your great dad status even more!