The Official TFK Father's Issues Thread


Dundrum??? You mad bastard. Sure we’d be on the M50 for ages and it’s basically a poor man’s Newbridge house without the expansive grounds to run the shit out of them. I can’t believe you’ve won tfk dad of the year.


Tà Matty but I’m looking for a decent day out as opposed to a normal few hours filler. A Kildare maze type affair of something.


Good man @Portumna_Bridge I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt here.


Great shout. The young fella is a little too insane to let near there though. Next year


Dundrum it is so, be careful not to go at rush hour, grand spot, you won’t regret it :+1:


How about Kildare Maze?


I hope the weather is kind to you mate. It doesn’t look great.


Can’t go wrong with the Zoo mate, hail, rain or shine.


There is a creche in dundrum shopping centre. I think in Liffey valley as well. Throw them in there and go and see Dunkirk. Come back and bring them to McDonalds. They will enjoy that more than walking around the estate of an old house. And more importantly you will too.

You could go to imaginosity afterwards.


One of mine was pestering us to let her into a similar sort of drop in centre in the crescent recently so we let two of them in one day and they thought it was shit, I’ve no doubt the one in Dundrum is far better but kids love the outdoors, some of those estates are set up brilliantly for the young ones



Couldn’t think of anything worse than a creche in a shopping centre


Funky Monkeys. It’s class. They don’t let you leave them there though


Not a creche


Take it up with @TheUlteriorMotive brah


borderline neglect mate, pity that sort of thing attracts the handy likes here, shocking. :confused:


How about a creche in a methadone clinic?


Must be loads of them around Fingal that he could drop into.


Spent the last 2 days going down water slides with our eldest lad. Pure innocent savage craic.


Savage day at the zoo.


The little one started in crèche today. Not a bother.

As for poor Mammy. :see_no_evil: