The Official TFK Father's Issues Thread


And you?


Cool & calm like the little one. Where the fuck does the time go, mate?


Time to go again brah


Yep. :man_dancing::man_dancing::man_dancing::man_dancing:


+1 That child needs a bit of company @carryharry.

Best of luck with the drop off’s collections, etc. The creche is the modern day petri dish of humanity, every fecking illness will be visited upon your home in the coming weeks. Be no harm, will toughen the little one up. Plenty of coffee.


Awesome piece of kit…


Impressive.i didn’t think they could improve on the trunky


Can you imagine having had the benefit of that with a terrible two on a long-haul flight? Wow.






Head cold, snotty nose, temperature, & generally in shit form.

10 months in, suppose I should count myself lucky.

Baby Tv at 4.00am is grand.


Have a few hot whiskeys you’ll be grand, pal.


Mate, you do realise that there are methods of parenting that don’t involve television right?


Steam. Lots of it. block the bathroom vents and have a towel under the door. Run the bath & sink and turn the room into a giant steam room. It’ll clear the kids nose & upper trachea in 30 seconds.


It’ll make it difficult for the kid to watch the box though.


Just brought her into the shower to help clear her up, worked a treat. She’s sound asleep now. Wrecked.


@carryharry Buy a steamer (not one of those) for the room at night, they’re the right job


Vicks do a nice humidifier with uv. Great job for croup, colds, eye.


@carryharry, starting crèche this time of year means you’ll have her picking everything up until after Xmas. Keep the place stocked with calpol, snufflebaby, neurofen, and steam the shit out of the place and all will be grand.


Bowl of boiling water with a few drops of olbus oil in the child’s room while they are sleeping should do the trick