The Official TFK Father's Issues Thread


to be honest, if he has the phone you could just get the phone tracking app. as for the texts, he can use the phone for that. its a fair few quid to be shelling out for functionality you can get by other means.

they’ve just brought in a smartphone ban in madames school so she wont be getting one til secondary school


Your 10 year old has a smart phone? Dont you love your kids at all?


It’s a smart watch I want to get him Bob.


Phones are banned in his school too, don’t want to get him one anyway.

The watches seem handy and you can get one on Amazon for about €40.


I don’t think youll get much functionality or lifespan from a 40 quid watch but if the lad wants it, and youre happy, then fire ahead


Another thing to charge. My life is lads getting anxious over remaining battery percentages.


We need someone to create solar powered phones and smart watches


Sure we had solar powered calculators in school 30 years ago


Sure aren’t all Gaa clubs like that ?? Sad state of affairs if you let lads walk all over you. But then again you’re a snowflake so I suppose you’ll go on social media and cry like a bitch over it. Meanwhile the spiteful bitter cunts like me will make it their life’s work to get revenge, like a proper man.


Write to to club child welfare officer. That’s standard procedure.


Would you not just get him chipped altogether.


Or possibly chance telling him not to wander off. He’s old enough to have the cop on. Maybe you’d hurt his feelings if you disciplined him for wandering?


The father is the biggest snowflake on here.


Ah brimmer, I thought you were going to go all


This isn’t the dog owner’s issues thread mate, that might work on Bobby.


Bobby would know better than to go wandering


@mickee321 I passed Port beach on the bike earlier. The water looked fantastic. Definitely go up there some day.


Have you tried parenting?


Yes, we’re incorporating aspects of modern technology into it too.


Tell him to stop wandering because you told him so and he must do what he’s told. Show him your shoe then and tell him you’ll kick him up and down the garden with that if he decides against your advice. Finish then by telling him you love him and you’re for his own good to satisfy your snowflake cravings.