The Official TFK Father's Issues Thread


By electronically tagging your child is it? :grinning:

Did you ever leave your street when you were a child?


Why would I threaten my child with violence? What an odd point of view.


Buy him the watch with the app then you ape and don’t be surprised when he develops a drug habit or gets the shit thumped out of him. Don’t come crying here when he’s in the Joy.


It’s a smart watch Bob.

You tell him to put it on when he is straying from the cul-de-sac where we live. We will know where he is and can send him a message or call him when we need him or it’s dinner time.

Sound’s good to me.


The only ape here is you, you fucking roaster.

Did your father beat you when you were a child? You have some very odd and violent opinions.


That’s the modern snowflake parent - buying an app/watch to track his child’s every move — he’ll be onto a drone in no time … he’ll be there to slip on the kid’s first condom when he loses his virginity…


Modern parenting mate, maybe one day it might happen to you.


Go easy mate, you’re showing dangerous aggressive signs for such a little fanny boy snowflake.

Parent your child properly and you’ll be able to trust them. Fuckin smart phones :laughing: Every child should have a healthy fear of their parents, yours clearly don’t if they won’t stay where you ask them to.


Smart watch.

I know you are a product of an abusive father, but you should embrace technology.


is tracking a childs movement not abusive?


How the fuck is it? :laughing:


And what’s the kid learning from this? - he’ll be like a robot… If he misses his dinner because he strayed you bin it and let him go without for the night- he wont miss it again. If he’s not on the street when you go calling him you ground him and he wont do it again… Accountability and respect are very valuable life lessons, pal - something the modern generation dont have - they’ve replaced it with entitlement because their dopey fucking parents are running around like apes after them. If all else fails, smash the little cunt.


never heard of cybersurveillance?

youre essentially conducting cybersurveilance on your child


Would you stop, you fucking madman.


Twas my mother used to bate us with the wooden spoons when we deserved it! And we all turned out grand. We even threw the spoons into the quarry one time! :laughing:

My father need only give a look and we copped the fuck on, he never once raised his finger, he didn’t need to with the ninja mother and her wooden spoons.

Seriously, a bit of tough love wouldn’t go astray there now in your case ffs, he’s 10 and ignores your rules and wanders off and your solution is to buy him a smart watch and track him. Cop the fuck on to yourself.


I’m deadly serious, you might want to check with the DPC about the legality of tracking your childs movement post GDPR


Beautiful irony here as the snowflake parents plans are scuppered by GDPR snowflakery, almost as if the snowflakedness has come back to bite the snowflakes in their moisturised and sunbed tanned arses


Times have changed pal.

I think it will be a handy device. He’s at the age now that he does want to start wandering further away, I think when he wants to do this the smart watch will come in handy.

I’m going to buy him one and I will let yourself, @Robert_Emmet and @artfoley know how I get on.

This is the future.


Times have changed but the core values stay the same. He knows he can do what he likes because he knows his father has no backbone. Kids spot weakness a mile off.


You must live in an awful hell hole …

Anyway, just make sure he still runs his destination by you verbally incase the watch goes dead — i’d hate to think of you and the mrs stood watching a little screen for hours waiting for a little blip to appear.