The Official TFK Father's Issues Thread


Oooft… walked into a haymaker there.


Dont be so pernickity


If you’re going to attack the Mid West way of life and my beloved Limerick you need to be ready for anything mate.


Not an attack mate, an observation


Mine was an informed opinion, your kid would survive (and possibly be better off) just fine without a phone


I’ll try hold off with the devices as long as possible with my daughter.

They stifle the imagination in my opinion.


Ah I’m calm man. Having a few beers with herself and will drop down to the parents tomorrow. I know them and will be calm as a breeze.


I dont think having a few beers with your daughter is the way to go






The swamp is a dangerousplace…


That’s nothing. Some kids have GPS trackers fitted.


The world is a far safer place than it has been at any time in history.


congrats mate - great news


Cheers, kid.


Any of you top top dads ever come across a book suitable for 5-7 yr olds that is basically an instruction manual for how to build lego creations. Loads on amazon but they look to be more ideas rather than instructions


The blocks have little dimples and studs that just sort of click together. You shouldn’t need a manual.


You’re looking for an instruction manual that doesn’t give instructions?


Very good


No im looking for an instruction manual