The Official TFK Father's Issues Thread


I saw one of those tables in someones house recently. Savage idea


Careful lads


Something very strange. The Christmas list has been very reasonable this year with only clothes and money being requested. Is this just a temporary reprieve or will I knock a couple of years out of it?


Cash is king

EDIT: You’re surely gonna get them Limerick tops? :yum:


It’s called getting old. You’re looking at the future.
I wish you a happy Christmas BTW.


That was on my wish and l was gifted and new Jersey last Christmas. Given how things worked out, I am not sure whether to frame this jersey or use it as my new lucky charm.


What age are they?

Usually means they are growing up/stopped believing.

My lad is ten in February. He has said nothing but clear enough he no longer believes. It’s a short window lads so enjoy it!!


17 and 13. In fairness there ain’t anything else from a technological stance they could want. It’s like fucking Harvey Normans in this house.


They’re at the age where Mike has ash plants at the front and back doors.


And a gun permit


Probably just good kids seeing their Dad having a tough time and adjusting accordingly.


Same in this house, it’s just clothes and vouchers etc. miss the Santa toys and the excitement.


Agreed once you get past the Santa years it’s never the same


I’ve a nine year old looking for a laptop. There’s no talking her round to dolls or clothes. I need ideas


Get her an iPod,


Do what the pikeys do. Get a laptop bag and fill it with a few Argos catalogues


Have you heard of the power of no?




:pint: Allez Allez



Wahey! Congratulations @caulifloweredneanderthal I promise never to confuse you with @ciarancareyshurlingarmy again.