The Official TFK Father's Issues Thread


Thanks all.

A lovely little girl, or a ‘child’ as some would call her.

Am delighted with her. She’s a beaut*

  • I’m aware that she looks like a baby and they all look the same


She’s the head off her mother. Which is great news for the child… Enjoy kid. I look forward to seeing your late night treats to rival @bandage when your on the night shift


Cheers pal. About to devour a quarter pounder. May have missed last orders in Chapelizod but hopefully a can or two awaits me


You’re in for the best years of your life pal. Enjoy every second.


Signing in like fellow newbie Dad @caulifloweredneanderthal. Some day for this thread - a quick brace.


Unrale. Congrats mate.


Congrats to both you boys .




Congrats, pal.


Make time for cans now. There will be no more time anytime soon.


Outrageous scenes. Good work lads, especially as it looks like we need new posters. Congratulations @tallback on your @smallback


Hon the lads


Brilliant news pal. Congrats


Honrale… Congrats to mother and father.


Ah lovely.




TFK Twins. You couldn’t make it up


Congrats @caulifloweredneanderthal and @tallback, a great day for the forum. Couldn’t get better presents for the Christmas.


Unbelievable scenes. Congrats @caulifloweredneanderthal and @tallback fantastic news :ronnyroar:


Great news, congrats to you both.