The Official TFK Father's Issues Thread


Congrats tallbackstop


Congrats pal a great xmas gift


Scenes! Congrats to you too pal!


Congrats @tallback :clap:


Congrats @caulifloweredneanderthal @tallback :clap:


Be the hokey. Another one. Christmas magic. Congratulation @tallback


Congratulations @caulifloweredneanderthal and @tallback


By Christ. Congratulations to you and yours


The early months with the first baby is a great time, two of you changing the nappies and sitting or lying down just watching them like you would agood tv show, only happens once, enjoy fellas, have a bag of cans tonight when you get home (assuming mama and baba are still in)


Congrats too @tallback. Great news


Oh Jesus.


Heartiest congratulations to @tallback and @caulifloweredneanderthal.

Two of the good guys.


Thanks mate… I don’t know how they do it… Oh wait …


I’d say you’ll figure it out. It’s not rocket science.


Fairly handy so far pal. Had seven years training with the hound


I doubt a baby will take any more minding than @chocolatemice on a night out


He ran away that night.


I went out for some festive pints on Sat evening even though it was the due date of the baby. I went with the blessings of the life-partner, both of us were convinced that as a first-time baby it would arrive late and closer to Christmas. Sure enough though, I was woken at 7 on the Sun to be told time to head to Holles St and was I ok to drive. I told her if we were stopped by a guard to have an instant contraction and we’d tip on in.

So crap sleep Sat night, no sleep Sun night and only 40 mins of a nap y’day afternoon. The 9 hrs of sleep at home last night was life-saving. Back into the hospital now with recharged batteries. As @Bandage said several months ago “I’m floating on a sea of love”.


I didn’t. I cycled away on a Coke Zero bike

After the Carkies had heaped you into a cab. @Phil_Leotardo nowhere to be seen


Congrat bud, I presume you’ve called him Brian