The Official TFK Father's Issues Thread


You’re a shit dad if you forgot til now. Congrats @carryharry. Keep him off the internet and on the field and he’ll grand.


No, we had a cake n’all for him last week. Had the whole family around


How is Brady?




He’s great … shedding like a mo-fo lately. But he’s a very good boy… except when food is around - he’s a hound if you will excuse the pun.


Late in the day for @caulifloweredneanderthal and @tallback but only seeing this now, congrats to you both, delighted for you. And me oul mucker @carryharry, congrats my good man.


I was in drogheda earlier WITH my wife


I actually suspect it may be one of my old cases, I had a look to see which judges were on and saw the case listed before the judge involved…

one for the couldve been me thread


Congrats @carryharry @caulifloweredneanderthal @tallback


Congrats @carryharry. Some baby boom here lately


Congrats @carryharry old pal.

Surely baby Arsene for the year that’s in it?


To all the booming fathers, congratulations! Sleepless nights and a lifetime of worry but you’ll have some absolutely incredible times as well.



congrats mate


thought of you when i heard it on LMFM earlier… haha
look - we cant judge the man on here - a situation like that could drive a fella in many directions


congrats @carryharry
ah you know the drill at this stage anyhow so you’ll sail thru
for the first time lads - an absolute nightnare begins - DO NOT take parental leave - get back to work ASAP for your sanity


Word brother :see_no_evil:


oh believe me I know, but the gom has just made his wifes case


What’s the latest?


man arrested. it was an imitation firearm and fake bomb

someone in the court shouted for gardai and 2 barristers ran in, the judge told them to leave, not wanting more hostage, then ARU arrived, said “armed gardai” and yer man surrendered. probably would’ve been 5-7 hostages in the court.


Congrats bud