The Official TFK Father's Issues Thread


usually stay away from this carryon but fuckit its almost christmas

congrats to everyone here who managed to ejaculate inside your woman while she was ovulating.
ye are great men.


Happy to give that #10


Was it an Irish lad & Spainard woman involved by any chance?


Congrats Harry and Mrs Carry, great news.

Late December though, misses out on a year of underage hurling




dont know as yet. but the description of yerman sounds a lot like my old case, though not involving a Spaniard.

hes described as a grey haired businessman


Don’t register him for another week and a half it’ll be fine.


Thank you, old pal. What’s notable about the Class of 2018 on this thread is that it’s overwhelmingly posters whose INTERNET personas suggested they’d never had or never would have sexual intercourse with somebody else.


That’s the mind blowing part all right, … Time for the studs to step up in 2’19


absolutely true, geeks, freaks and weirdos. 2018 has proven one thing, there’s a woman out there for everybody no matter what physical, emotional or mental state you’re in.


certainly indicates there’s a lot of women who’ll settle, rather than keep looking for mr right. the SATC era is truly dead.


Was it @Turenne who set this trend off or was that in 2017?


Exhibit A


maybe so, but I’m in dun laoghaire with a settler whereas youre in a crumbling soviet era block with dirty walls and a settler



Fellas whose biggest achievement in life was coming home from scummy astro soccer and filling a cuisine de france roll with a bit of ham without sticking the knife into themselves can go on and father childeren and live reasonably normal lives within the same calender year.
Internet forums are magical places.


some of them can even go and get a haircut without getting physically or financially scalped too


Lads coming on here with.thheir disgusting guts full of porter their moustaches loaded with day old carvery and forecourt flowers for their fat seamy wives hoping to get at her for a couple of hateful minutes

Is this the sort of thing you mean?


congrats @carryharry


what’s wrong with having a fat wife?


Dunno, all mine were thin