The Official TFK Father's Issues Thread


I think @Turenne went from living under house arrest in China because he was on his ex girlfriends visa to posting 12 course family meals for him his new missus and his toddler.
His 2018 has been one of the greatest years of all time on the internet


I assumed @Turenne and @Tassotti were the same poster. Just different continents


Ones in continent the other ex continent


First rule of a successful marriage.

No wife is ever, ever, ever fat



Not to her face anyway!




Congrats to all involved @carryharry. He’ll have his own log-in within the week hopefully.
Happy Christmas to all.


Yourself and @carryharry have come along way from the days of drinking cans in a lane off Baggott Street.


Those were the days, there were decent people willing to part with change back then. :frowning_face:


Wonderful news @carryharry , congratulations pal.


i always had good old time for @carryharry
he can handle the to and fro here without getting all het up on a self righteous internet horse
the goodwill towards him is reflective of that

@Turenne’s case is bizarre allright
whilst and incredibly boring contributer in general , i do appreciate the whole story about him and the INTERNET persona he has presented is extraordinary.
The time he took the Asian and the kid back to meet the presumably horrified parents in Castlemartyr was articulated quite well actually and the manner in which he put the whole lot of them on a bus from Dublin airport to East Cork after a gruelling flight from the paddy fields was most entertaining.
He is on a bit of a rollacoaster ride with this one allright and has seeked whatever solace he can find in learning to cook- now much praise i say… i await his updates and respect the situation he is in - altho one cant help avoiding the thought it is from the result of some original mission of depravity, but it has turned out well

Happy Christmas @Turenne and all who sail aboard your good ship




@Bandage that’s you that is.


Top news @carryharry congrats. hope all is going well there




And I’ll be doing the same this weekend. :clap: 26 hours of travelling for the poor fuckers.


Happy Christmas mate


My two lads in the playground with a neighbour kid. My older lad pushing the two younger lads in a big swing. Neighbour kid complains that his dad pushes him much higher.

My older lad says “what do you expect. My diet is mainly crisps.”


It was a good yarn first time around


Cool story bro’