The Official TFK Father's Issues Thread


Cc @chocolatemice


What would I do with that?


He’s about 7 months off the pace


Ask Princess to put it in her purse to chill your balls?


The new purse I bought her for christmas? Dont think it would fit along with my balls


Aldi have a load of baby stuff on sale next week
Cc all the new fathers


You’d want to fairly hate your child to risk him in that death trap. Lads it’s your first child, make sure you spend 3 times what makes sense on everything.

If we did it, you should fucking have to too.


When did a buggy become a travel system?


At least a decade ago.


Ah jaysus that’s lovely





Chinese made. I wouldn’t trust it.


That’d probably be more sturdy too


Boom number 1


Should I correct my sentences to say that I run with a travel system?


I believe it’s jogging, or yogging, it might be a soft ‘j’.


The lad obviously lost his mind. I can absolutely understand how that could happen.

To the general public he’ll be an evil, selfish, cunt though.

(Maybe he was but I doubt it)


They’d not be far wrong

flew to Poland to spend time with his family over the festive period.

Some time after his arrival he strangled his two young sons and then laid in wait for his partner, Ewelina Szwarc, to return home before stabbing her to death.

The couple’s 11-year-old daughter fled in terror and Marin Del Sol is believed to have then taken his own life.


I can barely kill a spider.

Could my situation cause me to lose my mind completely?
Yep. I would say so. I would say it definitely would have done if I didn’t have a Pole to help me in court in Poland, Foley to help me do the Hague Convention thing, the support of people here whilst I was ostracised by friends and my traumatised family…

When you lose your mind, you can do anything.

The general public have no idea what the full story is.


Probably best not to lose your mind then.

Hope you’re doing well.