The official TFK list of experts

A thread to document TFK posters who, wittingly or otherwise, out themselves as an expert on a given topic by providing an expert opinion on same.

Note: there is no limit to how many fields a TFK poster can be deemed an expert in

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bounce shoes
fixed gear bikes

thats about it for me, not many but hugely important ones


SEGREGATED bike lanes too mate

thank you mate

correct and right

Hot buttering.

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Association football and tennis
Ulster Italian lineage

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Terrible quips & anecdotes
Nasal care
Correlation between traffic volumes & TV ratings


Would the financial status of association football clubs also fall under this heading?

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Mobile Phone metadata


I’d be well equipped to inform people on this


I had to google the answers to some of your questions but always happy to inform. Don’t hesitate to send me more PMs but as I said already I don’t know precise dogging locations you could attend

Thanks Graham.

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West Limerick Junior Hurling Championship


Canadian sports and life
Golf shotmaking technique
Spinal realignment options in the hills of south carlow


I’m choosing to ignore that bait.

Shamrock rovers as well mate

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Irish professional footballers
Spanish football expert (in the Eamon Dunphy mould)