The official tfk list of people who should “put a sock in it”


Did anything ever come of the issues around the swine flu jab?


There was swine flu?


It was more of a marketing ploy by BIG PHARMA.


Devious bastards


Was Gemma always a nutjob? I know that her husband died a few years back and I’m wondering did this sad event send her spiralling?

Or will she eventually be vindicated on everything in about ten years time when she’s locked up in some institution?


Same thought has crossed my mind. Think he died around the time she was constructively dismissed by the Indo. I’m all for winning an argument and proving a point on THE INTERNET, but she seems unwell to me.


I feel very uncomfortable when I read some of the abuse she gets on here. It doesn’t sit right when you see some of her behaviour.


A news item may break in the coming days about the HBV vaccine.

End communication.


Not necessarily anything to do with GO’D but I think that when you spend your time pushing against the establishment over corruption and genuine instances of cover ups etc. you begin to stop believing anything that comes from Governments & official news sources regardless of whether it’s actually verifiably true or not.
Next thing you know you are only getting your news from sources that are not mainstream and as such have no requirement to hold themselves to any journalistic standards and paradoxically you start to believe everything they tell you.
When the mainstream media/Governments etc are challenged they are at least forced to some sort of accountability, whereas the other sources can’t be held to any account and just scream censorship, or that everyone’s a sheep or whatever when challenged.
It’s sort of intoxicating to think that you are so smart that you managed to figure out the whole World and that no one else understands except you. It’s a weird rabbit hole and I’ve seen a few lads go down it, you start off with something like the Kennedy assassination and next thing you know you think all the kids killed at Sandy Hook were actors.
The far right in the US and Russia etc have harnessed these lads and feed them all sorts of mad shit which they spread around like wildfire. Next thing you start seeing the same shit coming up all over the place and from different sources and you start thinking, can all these people really be wrong? Are all democrats really all paedos and meet up in a pizza place in Washington? It’s mental. And it’s getting worse and it’s removing all trust of Government and getting loons elected.


Essential reading for 1 or 2 TFK posters.


There’ll be a thesis in this place for some sociology professor in a few years time


Ah it is, though.

She’s the most obvious example of that batshit conspiracy theorist mentality in Ireland.

The thing is that at the start she had a legitimate grievance over how she lost her job but it quickly became apparent that she was mental.

There’s a hell of a lot of people out there who lack the critical filters and the genuine scepticism (as opposed to those who tend to self-identify as sceptics, who tend be equally mental as her) to see through her.

Hardly a surprise that her followers would lack these things as she completely lacks them herself.


Wow Mr McClure, I was a grade a moron.




Michael had the ropes off him before the flash was gone out on the camera. He’s some man for a photo opportunity.


One for the that never happened thread


Something called the trout of no craic.


This post deserves a lot more likes


Gemma O’Doherty is clearly unwell. Surely she has some family member who could stage an intervention.