The official tfk list of people who should “put a sock in it”


Much of what you say here is accurate, but where the argument falls down is relying on the mainstream media to report the news in an unbiased fashion (nothing wrong with biased opinion pieces) and uphold journalistic standards.

The recent Kavanaugh confirmation is a prime example. CNN, MSNBC and NBC ran every and all stories that opposed Kavanaugh no matter how poorly sourced or unverified they were. A scumbag attorney like Avenatti could accuse Kavanaugh of being a serial killer and CNN would spend hours covering it.

There have been several developments in the past week that blow Blasey Ford’s account apart and expose her as a liar. These are not conspiracy theories, they are actual events that are corroborated by witnesses, unlike her allegation. Not one of the three mainstream outlets I listed above carried any of these developments, either on their networks or on their websites.

The reason why many people no longer trust the mainstream media is they are no longer interested in reporting the news, unless it supports their agenda and bias. Anyone relying on CNN or MSNBC for their news is as much a sheep as anyone relying solely on Fox News.


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Laurent “Yaya Toure” Koscielny discovers that sport is a cruel mistress.


“France’s World Cup victory did me a lot more psychological damage than my injury did me,”

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