The Official TFK Museum Thread

Visited the Cabinet War Rooms yesterday. Pricey. £17 sterling. As I was purchasing the ticket the young lady said would you like to make a donation as well. How much is the ticket. £17 she said. That’s my donation right there then. Big queue to get in as well. Took at least 30 minutes. Interesting but not massively so. There are only so many times you can pass a small underground room and remark to yourself that the beds were very small, or wonder did Mr Churchill ever wander down the corridor for a bit of night time rumpy pumpy with Mrs Churchill and if he did, then the beds were very small.

Today the Imperial War Museum. Not pricey. Free. Much is made of the WW1 exhibition and it is very very good. Perhaps the weakest aspect of it is the bit that got the most coverage, the reenactment of the trench. I found this very soulless and thought that the experience of visiting the remaining trenches in the fields around Ypres was much more moving. There is a decent museum in the town hall in Ypres that gives this exhibition a run for its money anyway.


Both good museums. The 17 quid is dear, but their policy is to charge high for a few years and payback the investment and then make it free of charge. Best museum I’ve been to is the Martine Museum in Barcelona.

P.S Don’t be surprised if this thread is deleted by morning as bandage might consider it boring.


Was in the Natural History Museum back in February. I thought it was a worthwhile visit. It was more Ms Lockes thing but I found myself struck at the enormity of the building itself; that they (the Brits) would build such a venue with such detail. There was a wildlife photograph exhibition on the same day. Lots of school kids there the same day, place was thriving and busy.
See attached a picture of a blue whale.
I’d give the place 8/10


The queue for that place can be horrendous. Stood there for half an hour one day and fucked off. Would have been two hours waiting otherwise.

Went to The Louvre a couple of days after the Sweden game. You could spend 10 hours in that place and still not see all of it.

This one was my personal favourite:


Was in the Metropolitan and MOMA in New York recently. Need a lot of time for them. Would like to go to Saint Petersburg next.

Not a museum

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Yep, was forewarned about that. We were there for 10am when it opened so I’d say around 5 mins is all of a queue.

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If that’s not a museum, we can close the thread now.

I was in the sex museum there last weekend in Amsterdam


I can’t believe people would pay to see an artefact like you in there.

I can’t believe someone would respond to a banned poster. Do you expect his avatar to answer?



I thought this was going to be a thread about tassoti
Anyhow, the beefeater tour of the Tower of London is worth an hour of your time.
The Brits seem to have dedicated generations to murdering each other, and everyone else, often in as gruesome a way as one could possibly imagine.
They were world class at torture.

Does anyone else keep reading the thread title as ‘TFK Muslim Thread’?


Only 5 days left to see da vinci in dublin lads.

Have you been? Is it worth it?

The national museum of Laos in Vientiane was so good I went back a second day, afmittedly therewas little else to do and planes were grounded for some new year celebration

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Not yet but I hope to get in this week. A few people told me it’s deadly.