The Official TFK Spoofer Thread aka footix comment on shoot magazines articles

A thread to record the identity of people who are using larges amounts of waffle to navigate their way through life.

I give you… John Aldridge

Wayne Rooney


Gerry Armstrong

Graham Hunter

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Duncan Castles.

This thread could turn nasty very quickly

Claire Byrne

Can i nominated myself or is that not allowed?

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Ciaran Whealan

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Derek McGrath



Rory Stories


Prof. Tomás Ryan. A bullshitter extraordinaire.

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Lock the fucking thread. This fella iritates the shit out of me.

Paul Flynn

Himself and Philly have brought real insight . Lads who have been there and done it all .

No way. You’ve a negative opinion about a dublin gaa fella? Well that bates banagher right there! Who’d a thunk it?

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