The Official TFK Table Quiz Thread

China has only one time zone. Lots of wet markets though

I know but you are going controversial then. Which of the US terrotories are you counting. Which of the UKs etc

Unlike US with Samoa and Diego Garcia and the likes , places like Martinique are as much French states as Alaska .

Most played artist - Bad Bunny :man_shrugging:

Never heard of them.

It’s a him!

Bugs was his father, possibly more famous.

His brother Jive had a hit as well. He was more talented only for the drink.

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Enoch alert !

Is he anything to Bunny Carr?

Or Bunny Fulham?


There’s a blast from the past. Was he related to Johnny Fulham do you know. 1960’s vintage.

I don’t think Bieber has the most Twitter followers. It might actually be Harry styles. My lass and her friends were talking about it in the car on Sunday but I was only half listening.
Might have been Spotify plays they were talking about now I think of it.

The dementia will get you yet

Johnny Haynes. My fil played with him.

Another footballer who died in a car crash although he’s currently the only such person I can think of who didn’t play for Real Madrid.

The connection eludes me - Johnny Fulham, a stalwart of the LOI has a hape of international caps and the question was he related to Bunny Fulham.
You’re clearly not old enough to recall the sports reports from RTE of the time when the report of the day from the soccer section began with “my game today was at Tolka Park” from Tony Sheehan.

I remember the hubbub about Haynes being the 1st £100 a week player.