The Official TFK WWE PPV Predictions Competition

Gentlemen [and Flano], attached is the spreadsheet which contains the PPV predictions competition.
I have included my own predictions.

I have added Orton vs Rhodes vs DiBiase as a triple threat.
I have also added the Divas tag match. It has not been announced yet.
I’m assuming it will be added.
I expect it to be 4v4 tag match.
I’m guessing the teams:
Faces[Kelly Kelly, Gail Kim, Micky James, Beth Phoenix] vs Heels[McCool, Layla, Maryse and Alicia Fox]

Open the spreadsheet add your predictions, save it and attach it back.
OR Use the link to fill out your predictions.
Easy peasy.

Best of luck.

“Enter your product key.” :unsure:

That’d be your excel Dunph.

Have you got the product key there Runty?


Are you going to use a few formulas on this? It would make the admin much easier.

What version of excel do you have? Office 2003?

Runty has a hack. For real.

I have no idea, less of the technical jargon please…

When you click on excel on your machine, as it loads up a green and white box will appear in the middle of the screen with the program version, or else when excel loads up go to Help > About and that will give you the version.

It says home and student 2007…

€150 and a product key can be yours. 2 for €275.

And how would i go about obtaining a product key for, i don’t know, say €0?

i’ll sell you one for €5

Done. Send me on the product key and i’ll send you a cheque.

WWE is for faggots.

Ok lads, try this.

Made it a public spreadsheet on Google Docs.

here you go


(it’s another €5 for the next letter)

thats a fact.

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