The official traitors tractors boys thread

looks like another loss tonight:D:thumbsup:

What’s this traitors business about NCC?


When will Keane walk?


well done andy keogh & big mick for a great result tonight btw

Big mick is an alright sort and never got the credit he desreved with Ireland due to his reign being remembered for Saipan…got us out of three consecutive groups and we were very unlucky in the play offs for 1998 and 2000…

well done andy keogh & big mick for a great result tonight btw[/quote]

Good result indeed
Great to get points on the table


Didnt get an away win in the league last time they were up so fair play to them.

Keane is a traitor for walking out on the partitionist, 26 county, neo colonial ‘national’ team? You’re a hard man to work out NCC.

he dressed as a leprechaun & chased lineker around temple bar - that is treachery of the highest order - to hell with the 26 county team keane sold his country out for a few packets of crisps:mad:

Vidkun Quisling would have been proud of that stunt right enough, NCC.

The more I think of it the more I think NCC is bang on the money with this.




Triggs will be getting the shit walked out of him this morning.

Do you think about it often ??