The Ooby/Dooby Thread

Please vote for you favourite on this thread.

Got to be the ooby. I often use it without the dooby.

I’ve long been a fan of the dooby.

dooby for me

Dooby here too

Flano, Ben and myself voted for ooby. What a concidence. The ooby makes the dooby in my view.


No boobie on the ticket!

as it stands this poll is fundamently flawed, and cannot represent this constituency accurately by the choices given to its electorate.

Ooby dooby manooby.

No closinig date on this poll? Shambolic…


Oooby wan Kenoooby.

I agree.
without ooby there is no doobie.
Same as ‘bosh’ is all alone without bish bash.

Yours etc,

In the words of Hamlet.
“ooby or not ooby?”

Yours in up your ooby,

John Ooby Mikel about to sign a new deal

Please ooby my commands, thank you.

Without the ooby there can be no manooby.

Or man piss on a booby.

All dressed up and nowhere to ooby

The Big O knew the score

My fellow americans. Ooby dooby