The Prestigous Europa League thread 2018/2019


Thought Celtic were fairly good again tonight in general play. Continuing a worrying trend of conceding soft goals and not taking chances though. That must have been around 2.74 to 0.42 to us on expected goals.


reasonable artcle here


fuck it lads, that ground where Suduva play reminded me of the Inchicore
this is real football now, dirty fucking shit in half empty grounds - you’re thinking about CL groups and then you get this- a great leveller but 100 times more entertaining


Chevdukas the Lithuanian international who dundalk signed he played for Suduva last year

there’ll be the first Baltic club to make it thru to the groups stages of a european competition and this is the furthest a Baltic club as made it
The domestic game in Lithuania is dirt poor, its ahead of latvia that is ravaged by match fixing ( Igors Labuts…) and Estonia that is in the bottom 7 of European leagues
i really dont know how Suduva made it this far but they did beat a Latvian side in the last round so it looks like they had that in their favour


olympiacos and burnley on here in the pub
3-1 to the greeks
burnley looked fucked
id be of the opinion Burnley will have a rotten season if they progress to the groups
they are been utterly outclassed here tho, Hendrick looks poor at this level
we compare olympiacos at elite CL and they get tonked in the last 16 and ok you think wow the english league is streets ahead but that just MCFC, the pool etc…
Burnley came what 7th? the difference in technical ability here is really big between them and Olympiacos,


Burnley will go to shite this season or next anyway. Only so far you can go with British and Irish cloggers


im having that feeling
as always cc @Tassotti i watched MOTD last week with 3 can of Grolsch and 4 cheese sandwiches and watford dismantled them – not a good omen


its an awful kip of a town, all the player slive in Manchester or Leeds, i’d say


Lots of them live in Cheshire mate, it’s lovely there.


its a grand accent on a woman tho i think

did you ever watch young and poor on the bbc - the one about rotherham was unreal


its a funny auld spot, that part of south yorkshire, the m1 goes right down the middle of it, sheffield on one side and rotterham on the other, Barnsley up the road


Dudelange on the cusp of the group stages


yep… decent investment and off you go
i wonder will the yanks try that at dundalk next year
realisticlly you’ll need at least 8 starting foreigners with european experince id imagine
working for Dudelange
again tonight of the 33 starting players for AEL APOEL AEK- 1 (one) cypriot


A great result for the country. It would be magnificent if they got there.


growing up poor was the name of that program - i remember they were in rotherham and bradford- seemed to be right odd spots - id say they go beserk on a saturday night there


All those drab northern towns blend into one. Very few with any few quid stay in them, they migrate out to whatever bit of the pennines is on the outskirts and look down both literally and metaphorically on the rest. As an aside, there are a few very very big family owned manufacturers still left. Any of the lads that I’ve met that run them are proper northern grafters, and absolute gents.


so you socialize in greggs? :smiley:


I have breakfast either in greggs or in McDonald’s in rochdale every Tuesday. They are next door in a row which also contains KFC, subway and Iceland.


well youll know youre certainly not in didsbury anymore, Dorothy!


Where there’s muck there’s brass lad.
(needs to be said in a broad North of England accent)