The Prestigous Europa League thread 2018/2019


RB Salzburg two up away to RB Leipzig.


Some result for rangers.


Pretty flat and dull from Celtic again. Could have scored in that flurry of chances before half time but playing too slowly again. Missing some directness and class.


yeah its pronounced powk allright and Panathinaikos are referred to as “pow”
i know this from watching euroleague basketball in israel - maccabi tel aviv / panathinaikos is the version of el classico of european basketball or whatnot


Dabbur again
he’s in unreal form
went off injured for israel in belfast
him and hemed would be a very decent partnership for israel if they actually gave a fuck


ill say it one more time but I have huge time for Lafferty- a fucking great striker for them


The two Leipzig centre halves are like a comedy act. Two big daft lads as johnny Giles would say.


german club football ( bayern aside) seems to be very very poor
can never really get into bundesliga as im never really in the house at half 2 on saturday but the results in europe are mediocre
seems a popular league for polish.austrian, yugislav and hungarian journeymen


“in rag order” - Brian Kerr


Sinclair and Johnston for Rogic and Forrest.


how is “your” coefficient doing?


Some positive signs but I was raging when Arfield missed that late chance after the beautifully disguised through ball by Dorrans.


Two for Ben Yedder tonight.


Ludo Razgard beating Leverkusen to back up a point
Frankfurt beating Marseilles can be used as invalidating data but they have Taleb Tawatha playing for them who they signed there for Maccabi Haifa and he’s awful,


Danny Welbeck bestriding the Emirates like a strolling maestro tonight.


Celtic lacking intensity and crispness . @Bandage . They also seem to have very little threat from set pieces .


Leno concedes his first goal as Arsenal custodian.


Ooofffttt. Johnston possibly should have scored there.

Celtic are off colour alright @Ashman.




Salzburg won 3-2 in Leipzig in the energy drink derby. Think they went deep in the competition last year too. Important to beat Rosenborg at home as the other two seem to be much stronger sides.