The Prestigous Europa League thread 2018/2019


James Horncastle playing a blinder on the BT highlights show talking about “Sari Ball”

he just referred to BATE as Borisov Autombile Tractor Electronics Borisov


That’s epic hipsterism . I am undecided if he deserves praise or an unmerciful kick in the bollix for that .


Great night for our coefficient.

cc @mickee321.


How far up do you need to get to have one automatic CL spot?


i dont have a direct answer to your question on where the association needs to be [placed unfortunately (ill need to research but as scotland are entering the draw at the first qualifcation round id imagine they have a bit to go

as a caveat, i know they changed the rules this season where a teams seeding is determined based on whatever is higher , either the clubs individual ranking amoungs its peers in the draw or the association ranking with respect to the other leagues
for example dundalk if they win the league this season will be seeded in next season’s CL prelims - if cork city would win they would not be seeded - reason is that cork have a very low coefficent compared to the rest of the potential clubs in that draw and would be relying on our league coefficient that would only grant an unseeded position

it is league coefficient that then determines at what stage you enter and club coefficient that denotes seeding,
the real worry for LOI now is that we have a terrible run in europe and have to enter in the prelim round stage (that comprises 8 lowest ranked FA’s in Europe - Wales are in there now)
the only association making rapid progress are kosovo - we are safe enough for now but it is Dundalks’s results in 2016 and again this year with 2 draws and a 1 win that carry us


scotland have a bit to go


a win or two next year could see us (ireland in this case) jump above Moldova but as it is Sheriff Tirasspol who carry them they usually respond in kind
The serbs are making rapid progress with Romania and Israel in decline

the impact of Rangers on Scottish coefficinet can be seen

top 10 cc @Julio_Geordio id say is where you need to be for automatic qual


There is some European royalty in that Europa League this year. I reckon 16 of the teams involved have been to a European final.


Brown missing for Celtic tonight against Salzburg. These chaps are good apparently.


Looks like it will be a 3-5-2.

Big test for Mulumbu.


When is Bitton due back?

Very light in centre midfield.

@GeoffreyBoycott would describe this as an “injury ravaged” Celtic with the likes of Ajer, Benkovic, Rogic and Brown missing.




On my Odsonne!


Lovely finish.


He’s back doing training but still on his own.

Is Kouassi injured?


Told he can leave according to reports.


Not having much ball but I’d like to see us make that centre back turn again with Edouard breathing down his neck. He must be nervous now.


Only watched the last 5 minutes but Molumbu had a couple of eye catching tackles


Minamino is a lively customer


He’s won a few balls in the air already and is running off Hendry regularly.

The #8 Samassekou looks some player