The Prestigous Europa League thread 2018/2019


Mulumbu performing resolutely.


I think we’ll lose 3-1 guys.


Very much under the cosh


I don’t think Hendry should leave that at all.


Gone very narrow here. Salzburg’s deliveries have been good, I wouldn’t have much faith in Celtic being able to defend their 18 yard line for another 60 minutes


Definitely prioritizing bodies in the middle over supporting the wing backs. McGregor would usually have a bit of freedom to help defensively but tonight he’s just been in the screen with Ntcham and Mulumbu.


Griffiths has a great leap.


Shocking yellow there,


Very harsh yellow there.


Should Edouard have done better?


I thought he did very well there.


Got it caught under his feet when the chance presented itself.


Eduard is very raw


Yeah but he did well to create that. He was unlucky more than anything I thought.


These lads are some whingers.


Wonder if we’ll keep two up front. Griffiths hasn’t really done much. Edouard has been mixed but took his goal brilliantly and is more useful defensively anyway but may not be as fit.


Hard for the lads to do much up front when the ball isn’t really being used constructively. I think Griffiths has been lively but we haven’t had enough of the play to get him in.

Edouard on the other hand is more suited to feeding on scraps and took his goal well but has been quite frustrating and isn’t making the ball stick there like you need him to.


Yeah agreed with that but Griffiths isn’t making it stick either.

I wouldn’t be blaming either of them either by taking them off. Just thinking we didn’t think we’d have a lead to defend and we aren’t able to cover them wide when we commit numbers centrally.


Yeah, I don’t think Griffiths has been bad but Edouard certainly more suited to the lone striker than Griffiths. The options on the bench aren’t too inspiring, I don’t think Christie will ever be good enough and Sinclair has been off key this season.


Sinclair’s pace I guess is useful in this sort of game and he’s not the most defensive player in the world but at least he’ll know the system better.

Ntcham has been poor I think but had a nice steal a couple of moments ago. Hope he gets it together now.