The Prestigous Europa League thread 2018/2019


8 changes from the weekend and no sign of their more known players like Forsberg, Werner, Poulsen etc in the starting lineup.


Ntcham has bundles of natural ability but has these careless spells in most games.

And now we concede.


The Leipzig reserves take the lead.


Kouassi was shocking there.


Christie has been good.


Kouassi’s swing and a miss at an innocuous cross distracted Boyata who in turn missed it and the striker took a touch and finished. Celtic find all manner of ways to concede goals away from home in Europe. Often there’s no real danger and goals are just handed to the opposition.




2 zip.

Deary me.


The fans had good fun on the plane though.


Clinical finish as ever from Danny Welbeck there after a Coates mistake.


Is it 11 wins in a row for Mr Emery now?

Fantastic record after a difficult opening.


#RefWhinging cc @Cicero_Dandi


If they hold on.


I’m not whinging, I’m critiquing.

Is your wife a referee as well as a teacher?


Kieran Tierney is vastly overrated.


Tierney is a fine player but obviously stagnating at the mess that Celtic are in at the minute.

The board should be burned out at this stage, hard to think of another club where the boardroom really could not give a toss at what happens on the pitch like the Celtic board right now.


See United, Manchester.


United have invested hundreds of millions into manager and players lately. They can be accused of incompetence but not of disinterest.

Celtic have continued to pull back on investment in the first team year on year despite all the money they are raking in.


Funny stuff in Moscow at the moment. Rangers 3-2 up and it not even half time. Hilarious defending all round.


Rangers have another chalked off for a really close offside. They’re playing some nice football to be fair when they get it out of defence although Spartak are assisting greatly in this.