The Prestigous Europa League thread 2018/2019



Where is the money coming from in Cypriot soccer ? There is hardly a million people there and the economy is a bit of a basket case .


At this stage of the game its hard to know if the Oirish league is shitter than the Jock one.


I saw a bit of this in the pub. Didn’t even know it was on. Neither did the Trondheim boys as there looked to be about 20 lads there. To be fair RTÉ broadcast and analysed the whole fiasco, which I guess was only fair after showing the ladies hockey last week.




Gamboa Ajer Simunovic Tierney

Brown Ntcham

Forrest McGregor Johnston



Very interesting to see Johnston starting.






Unreal play by Mikey Johnston.


Johnston justifies his start already with a turn and cross to put that on a plate for Ntcham.


I’m not a big fan of Hendry but he has been getting lots of blame this season. I think he’s better than Simunovic.


Simunovic has developed this habit of rolling the ball to opponents at the edge of our box under no pressure.


Deary me. Pathetic by Gordon.


Jesus Christ.
How shite is that


Absolutely crap from Gordon who wants to take that ball waist high. But AEK kept getting free runners around the back against us too and we didn’t track them at all.


Celtic appear to be having difficulty figuring out FC Sudoku


This kip makes Walsh Park look like the Bernabeu


Gamboa the defender not tracking the run for their goal. He’s simply a shit defender but Gordon should be collecting that with ease.

Still expect us to win comfortably in the second half. We’ve been far, far better.


Dembele should have buried that.


In fairness Celtic should be able to hang on for the nil all in the home leg.


Where the fuck was copper pipe?