The prestigous Europa League thread 2022/2023

Might have been the chance alright

Gerry Armstrong with the ‘ooooaaahhhh’ as the ball flashes 2 yards wide

'Av it

Lisbon seem like a good bunch of shithouses from the 15 minutes I’ve watched. Best of luck to them

Penalties a lottery but not the worst way to go out.

Utd win the competition at their ease now.

Ransdale should’ve saved 2 there.

They don’t do anything at their ease

Definitely one.

I’m not crestfallen with the result tbh, they played ok and had chances to win in NT.

The worry is the Saliba injury really

They’ll piss it

That Nuno Santos is fighting a losing battle with his hair

Sevilla, Sporting Lisbon, Union Saint-Gilloise, Roma, Bayer Leverkusen, United, Feyenoord, Juventus.

You must be solidly giddy