The Pretend Fitness Thread


Poured down for the first 3k I’d say and for 5 mins before the start. Great event though.


That’s great running, well done.




What’s with the laughter? 20mins very good time


Its the humble brag about something so meaningless I’m laughing at


Fair enough, on a forum where lads brag about and post pictures of dinners their wives made, it’s a harmless enough one.


Making a nice dinner is much more meaningful than having a good 5k time


I disagree. Much easier to make a bit of food than run 4min kms for 90% of the fat cunts that reside here.


It probably is more difficult but its completely meaningless. Nobody cares


That’s fair enough mate, I followed the advice of a few lads here when I took up running back in March after a period of inactivity due to an injury which put an end to my football, I’ve occasionally posted my progress since from the early days of struggling to stay going for 3K.


Don’t mind that langer.

He’ll die young from eating too many dinners and no exercise


He does watch an awful lot of football if that’s any good?


I get plenty of exercise mate, in proper sports


Long may it last pal, I’ve been advised to avoid contact sports for a while, it’s very unlikely I’d have gone this path otherwise.


Fair play, mate. Lads stuck to the couch having a pop off you - you shouldn’t even bother replying.


Having great fun “running” the hills and mountains these days. Have barely ran on road this year. Longer, slower runs, with a good bit of climbing added. Did 16.5km last week at about a 6’30 pace.


That’s Ballycuggaran woods. The peak is Moylussa . A grand run it is


How do you know what nationality they are pal?


I would have thought it was obvious.


I’ll be honest with you mate, that’s just awful, wouldn’t it have required a spelling error on my part? Anyway I’ll help you out by pointing it out, it’ll surely get you a nice post.

Oh, and as @balbec implied, a square headed fellow eating a bit of swan.