The Pretend Fitness Thread


Don’t take yourself and your fun running so seriously pal. Next you will be dropping your training schedule into conversations with people. Your time is what a junior female athlete would walk 5km.


Is it wise for lads in their 30s and 40s to be lifting heavy weights. Or will this all come back to bite them in the ass in the next 10 years


I can confirm @caulifloweredneanderthal is out for near walks these days.



Great running that.

I go out sometimes on rolling hills.

Run flats, jog downhill, walk up hill.

Really moves the aerobic engine up a notch


lads on here in the late 30 and 40’s trying to kill themselves lifting weights and cycling and running, having done fuckall for years, must be a mid life crisis they are having


7.5km with less climbing tonight in the absolute pissing rain. Killarney adventure race less than a month away and I’ve been tapering for the past 18 months


Training for ironmans and marathons in their 50s.


gobshites, getting savage injuries then from not being used to it


It’s the fall out they love boasting about. ‘iv to go to the physio for a sports injury’, they have the world told. They haven’t the energy to make love to their missus after all their fitness.


and the training then, boreing the arse out of everyone in the pub, either about the training or the injury


The state will be expected to provide health services for the orthopedic epidemic coming down the line .


Yah ha, saying they have the same injury as some top athlete while they sipping a pint.


I can confirm that @Locke is like a housewife with a new Fitbit doing jogs around suburban Cork before the kids get up



A nice training session is run the uphills hard enough, use the flats to bring the HR back down, and when it’s settled, go back to a handy pace


they used to call that “hill training” in the old days


Loughnane used to run the bollix off the Clare savages on that hill outside Shannon in the nineties.


That’s Lactate training though

Nothing at all wrong with it, but not true aerobic.


Spot on
Good to throw it every now and then.

After finding a few lovely trails up here. I’d say it’s mountain bikers that have made ones off the official trails


That’s leafy suburban Cork…


Absolutely. I throw in the odd Lactate session with GAA teams.

As much to let them think they have trained their bollix off as luck anything. Too much is always a disaster.

Very safe on hills though. Acceleration training and Lactate training on hills very rarely bring injury and generally improve running mechanics