The Pretend Fitness Thread


I’m going to admit it took between 4 and 5 hours. Sure I might as well have stayed in the pub. Jesus my heart was pumping. I thought i was going to die


I jogged down the quay earlier and past the 3 Arena and over the toll bridge. There was a lot of people heading to the venue and I got the sense these were decent skins by the way they carried and presented themselves. A quick google later on showed that Bloc Party are playing Silent Alarm in there tonight. I really liked that album and saw Bloc Party in The Ambassador around the time it came out. Wonderful memories of the halcyon days of the mid noughties in fact. Tonight I ambled past the scene while feeling my calf tighten yet again.


They were great days. Great album.


Very good album. Hardly so good that it merits a concert dedicated to play it back in full, bit self indulgent. One of a few bands from that era that failed to kick on from a belter of a debut, the Strokes the same. Who’d have thought it would be Kings of Leon that went on to maintain their standard.


That’s debatable too, aka shake heart break would still be considered their best album by many. They went very ‘mainstream’ late in the 00s.

It takes savage effort to do a decent album and then to go and repeat it takes some steel. I’d imagine it’s gets harder when you’ve more money than you’ll ever need.


Well they had a few more good albums at least and are still producing hits and playing stadiums. Bloc Party were the best British band in a long time, second album was good and then they faded into obscurity. The Strokes were another level of good, their first album is unreal on so many levels. Shame they also faded and never delivered on their promise.


Trotted down into the city centre this evening. Lovely and calm, lit up obviously, just a lovely way to spend an hour


Piece about the Dublin City Marathon on Claire Byrne show now.
As a veteran of 1 (one) marathon I’m enjoying it


Thought room on fire was good but not amazing. You’re right though, Is this it is a brilliant album and they’ve regressed massively since.


I think you mean you went into town.


28 mins this week! - What a lovely fresh day out there… A great day to be alive and well.


My calf popped again. :rage:

I’m restricted to bicycle work in the gym again now. :crying_cat_face:


What have you been doing to address the issue? It could be a knee or heel issue that’s the real problem


Get a roller for your feet. Start rolling the fuck out of soles of your feet. It is quite mentally thereapeutic as well.

Every night twist your big toes 50 times clockwise and anti clockwise.


Solid advice


I wore calf guards for the first time ever this morning mate. They may be the answer for you for long runs


I did it months ago and followed an 8-week physio led rehab plan with weekly massage too. I think a lapsed poster here has absolutely no time for physios. Anyway, I strained it on my third or fourth run after getting the all clear. Then I was busy for around 10 weeks and didn’t do anything for it and just started running again on the off chance it’d repaired itself. But it popped again on my third run back the other night. It could just be age, biomechanics, gait.


It hurts me to hear of a fellow 5ker suffering like that. Get a physio session in and maybe a bit f needling and message … Have you though of getting a decent pair of insoles? - I got a pair a couple of years ago and it completely changed my life.


I had a deep tissue massage which worked wonders for a minor calf strain I had recently, the pain was horrendous, I’m not sure @Bandage could take it.

What’s your route, I did Rochestown Park, down the line toskehard road and back the well road and Douglas last week on a minor hangover, couldn’t believe it was only 8.2 k, as a kid the walk down the line to Roco seemed very long, that run from Rochestown to the castle seems like a nice jaunt


Out of mountoval- through Garryduff woods back onto Monastery road up by Cinnamon cottage and back onto Rochestown road and back up Clarke’s hill to Mountoval… think it’s 4.9k