The Pretend Fitness Thread


Make an appointment to see paddy leahy in lasercentre on hume st. Expensive but will sort you in 10 minutes. Physios a waste of time. You have a huge amount of scar tissue that needs to be broken up.


How the mighty have fallen. This time 3 years ago I was a 24:25-24:50 5km man. I’d be running along and the MyFitnessPal app lady voice would announce “you have run 3 kilometers, your time is 14 minutes 7 seconds, your split time is 4 minutes 42 seconds” and then I’d power home for the last 2km and punch the air when I broke that 25 minute target yet again.


How much and what does he do? Laser the calf?


Like most people you have weak glutes and hamstrings. Your calves are trying to take up that slack. Google some exercises or head to a gym and work on glutes and hamstrings - physio should have told you that


Does ultrasound to spot scar tissue. Then zaps it to break it up. Cost about 160e. All top gaa, rugby,soccer go to him. Can take 2 months for appointment.


Good advise but needs to get rid of scar tissue 1st.


Yeah, the exercise programme was the standard stretches, lunges and squats with some weight, heel raises, front and side planks etc. They give out fairly generic programmes and tell you to do a bit of cycling and swimming too to take the pressure off the calf.


Thanks pal. I might book now for early January appointment as I’m getting fleeced by painters and decorators at the moment. That reminds me.



@Bandage will have to tone down his anti-Galway rhetoric if he’s going under Paddy’s laser


Have you ever availed of this? I’m riddled with scar tissue, particularly calves and hamstrings.

Is scar tissue not an essential part of healing and binding the non-scar tissue?


Scar tissue that I wish you saw
Sarcastic mister know it all


I have. Had issues with hamstring for over a year. Tried dry needling, acupuncture, deep tissue, osteopaths etc. Went to paddy and he sorted me in 5 mins. Huge scar tissue where 3 hamstring muscles meet. No amount of deep tissue would have broke it up. Paddy has pioneered this technology. Played hurling with galway around time of jbm. All top sportspeople go to him. I hamstring was like new afterwards.


@Appendage, i guarantee you paddy will sort you. Ive sent a good few lads to paddy over past 12 months and they can not believe how effective it is. Same lads were spending fortunes on physios, physical therapists etc.


I’ll do that so.

@Bandage - let’s have a date in the new year to get some laser work done.


Excellent. Let’s go with a joint booking and strength in numbers. We can go for afternoon tea afterwards and make a day of it.


Must recommend paddy to conor Murray. The man is magic, happy endings and all, cleans it up with scar tissue.


Ran my first ever half marathon this morning in Lisbon with Mrs Mac. First 16k went ok but almost blew up then. Struggled for the next few and then got back into a rhythm for the last 2-3. Finished up at 1:50 just about. It reconfirmed my absolute lack of desire to ever run a marathon. Cracking city to do it in all the same.


well done, did you go especially for the race?


Well done buddy.