The Pretend Fitness Thread



You went jogging with your bird


We’d been meaning to come here for a good while and Mrs Mac wanted to do a half marathon so was a decent enough excuse.


I’ll tell you one thing, there’s no flies on you


He left her for dust at that time unless Mrs Mac is a very decent runner/jogger


She did it in just over 2 hours. Much closer than I expected :open_mouth:


Who had the buggy?



Neither of us


Well done. Enjoy a few beers later.


Great stuff. whats the weather like there? I’m here in Valencia, just finished up the marathon, its fucking roasting, Paddy doesn’t like the heat


It’s perfect. About 14 degrees with a bit of an oul chill in the air. Valencia looks savage. Was looking at pics of it this morning. Well done.


Your application for the tfk misogyny crew has been accepted.


@backinatracksuit set a serious time in the great Limerick run this year.


Great time @Mac
Well done.


Congrats @Mac, was in Lisbon earlier in the year and did a bit of running, was hilly. Was the course down by the river or was there a few hills?


All along the river front at a venture up the town and back down. Fairly flat all things considered. Thankfully!


cc @caulifloweredneanderthal @backinatracksuit … You need to stop flogging yourselves to death with that running shite.


I’ve ran 4km in the last month

Signing out


It’ll all come full circle. Your guts will be hanging out of you from the protein and them boyz will still be drinking pints and running hills.


The exercise ‘science’ field is genuinely hilarious. They’ve ‘new studies’ conducted non stop that will prove or disprove just about anything,
Just did a handy 8k that’ll have me flying for the day and I’ll be out like a light st 11 tonight, each to their own


KBC are offering discounted DCM entry for their customers mate