The Pretend Fitness Thread


I was tempted to but just stuck a load of Vaseline on. You’d want to shave there first if you are taping


I certainly did.


Welcome back mate. You’ll be smashing the 25 minute mark in no time


that’s horrific


any foot issues doing 5k in new tackies?


I felt my calf bend and I feared it was on the verge of snapping again any time I upped it to 6 minutes / km pace. It’s probably reckless running that quickly in any case.


One of the elites doing the Cape Town 100k trail ultra a few weeks ago arrived from the US but his luggage never came. The day before the race, he bought a pair of shorts and Asics trail runners (he usually wears Nike) and borrowed the rest of the gear for the race. Apparently it’s a bit of a myth that you’ve to break in running shoes these days


I’d have thought those elite lads would have orthotics or shoes made special for them?


Sorry… ‘trail elite’. I’d say them lads are just on free gear and travel/entry fees.


@Bandage and @Appendage, I had an awful dose of plantar facilitis after marathon. Could barely walk for 5 weeks. Got an appointment with Paddy Leahy. Did an ultrasound, confirmed PF. Drained out the inflammation with a needle, did some laser treatment and I’m as good as new. God bless Paddy.


You’ll never run as well as in a brand new pair of shoes, I’m loving my Nike Pegasus but usually wear the gel kayano for the extra bit of support,
Well done @Bandage, the magical 25 minuter is only around the corner


How long did you wait for the appointment?


Would you just stop flogging yourself with this long distance running lark instead?


Got one at short notice as they messed up previous appt. There was people calling and told next available appt was february


only job


Arnold is one of the greatest men of all time - his sheer will to succeed is second to none - an inspiration.


23:59 this week and felt much better. Good to be back doing a bit


Whats the cost of this ?




Good stuff,where he based