The Pretend Fitness Thread


Hume st. just off st stephens green





The fact he has Adrian Fenlon his home page has me sold on him


@Tassotti did my first park run this morning. The last km I really opened up my legs and expressed myself.


That’s fairly disgusting mate. I hope you had the park to yourself


Ya pig.


Great stuff, what did you think of it? hope you enjoyed it


I’ve swam every day this week and did 4 x 5ks. Drank a bottle of whiskey on Friday night and I’m back to square 1. I’ll get a swim in the morning and I’ll be back in business.


It was well organised, course was fairly compact, 150 took part.
I need to get myself a watch because I had no idea what pace I was doing. Had plenty in the tank for the past km, I should have gone a bit quicker earlier. Football training will be starting back soon so won’t have many more free Saturday mornings.


@Tassotti I’m going to give this another rattle this morning. Going to try to pace it a bit better and hopefully knock 30secs of last week’s time


Had a few issues with the new watch but I reckon I knocked about a minute off last week.


@TreatyStones talking to himself on this thread


That’s NLP mate. You were an early champion of it.


Handy that your broken watch showed a faster time than you thought you could do.


Huh? It’s a timed event mate, the results are public record.


so why do you only reckon you knocked a minute off?


If it’s a timed event he should know the time not “reckon” he knocked a minute off. Something fishy is going on here.


Even his lies are lies


Straight after the event I only had my watch to go by, when the official results came out later on I saw I knocked 1min 4secs off my previous time.