The Pretend Thread


It was going grand until your man @backinatracksuit jumped in with his tall tales.


Sorry mate, I didn’t mean to take from your great achievement of winning the pioneer quiz, if I told you I was 13 at the time would that make it worse?


Not at all pal. I was 12.


Thank God for that, well done, great achievement


Where are we this weekend guys ?
London, Paris, New York? Wexford ? Limerick?
I can’t keep up sometimes.


The Hip Hop thread is where it’s at. :rofl::rofl:


Snowman builders on the weather thread today.


Fail to prepare, etc, etc.


Why are you struggling to believe that we don’t have a vast array of very experienced Snowman Builders on this forum?


We sure do. The falls of 1979, 1982 & 1987 gave me a great base of experience


The soft townie cunt wasn’t let out in the snow incase he got hurt I’d say


He wouldn’t go out I’d say. Better fun indoors on the sega mega drive.


Pretend beer. It’s fucking lovely


Lining up a few cold ones after a hard days yakka



A few cold ones with the boys?


I drink with men pal


And then sleep with them. It’s a rugby thing. If you want to be comfortable with them in the scrum you have to be comfortable with them in bed.


Very very weird Sid. Very weird


There’s something in the air today, I was on the receiving end of an even weirder one earlier, some quarehawk wanted to whip me for two hours in the snow while I was naked


It’s not a weird observation at all - we know from the Jackson and Olding trial that this is what happens in rugby circles.

Actually doing it on the other hand, is a bit weird, but sure each to their own and all that.