The Pretend Thread


Interesting thought process.

When I see GAA fan @Fagan_ODowd posting a picture of Bobby the Dog i dont assume hey fagan is a GAA fan he must be off out bringing Bobby dogfighting

Or when I see @Julio_Geordio the hurling fan posting about finance I dont think theres julio he must be planning on how he can steal a few hundred grand from an old man

But hey the mind works differently for us all i guess 🤷


White collar crime isn’t stealing.


Maybe Il need to revise the above post I underestimated you :thinking:


Interesting thought process that you choose to refuse to accept that men sleeping together doesn’t happen in rugby circles.

I think you’ve gone on the defensive because you think I was alleging you’re a homosexual and you don’t like the idea of that.

I wasn’t alleging that at all about you.

I was merely having a gentle, (non-sexual) dig at you which for some reason you’ve taken umbrage at in the manner of a dour, socially conservative Eastern European with a short haircut.


You were having a dig at me? I didnt notice mate.


Backtrack, beep beep beep



Lads trying to outdo eachother with pretend snowfalls :smile:


“we got 2 inches” no we are better “we got three inches” :rofl:


Inches… :roll_eyes: centimetres here in Europe, pal


One lad had 70 (seventy) centimetres :rofl:


Lads taking pretend supplements for pretend smoother shites


Pretend wine cellars are the order if the day this morning


We had a pretend Cheltenham trip being scuppered at the eleventh hour last night by a pretend fight with a pretend girlfriend who pretend forbade the poster from travelling. Other posters rallied around and offered advice to the effect that if she’s pretend stopping you from engaging in things you’re passionate about now then this pretend relationship is already doomed and you’re in for years of pretend misery.


That’s a lot of pretend fishing for likes there


Fellas are willing to throw caution to the wind and give us a little insight into their successful lives and this is how we treat them?


There’ll be a lot of pretend friends being brought out for pretend dinners if Tiger Woods wins tonight.


Fuzzy Zoeller and Sergio Garcia will be dining on fried chicken.


Whats this about pal?


Visits to Cork. A new low.