The Pretend Thread


Seems like the only thing to do down there is to pretend to go to elbow lane


@Robert_Emmet and @backinatracksuit can confirm that this slab of meat was procured from your man in the English market and lovingly seared and smoked to perfection in Elbow Lane.


You’re some man for the red meat. Sorry for standing you up last night, bro… Sinn Fein meeting went on later than expected and I had an early start marching with my hurley this morning.


Was there an extra round of punishment tickles?


It’s ok mate, I truly didn’t need any more beer at that stage.


Poor @labane1917 is one of these harmless lads who craves acceptance wherever he goes.


tee hee hee hee


All the way from pretend America(a bog hole beyond the flooded field across from the petrol station in south Galway) to Cork and no one from TFK came out to meet you. Lousy.


Don’t be so sour mate.


Endorphins are addictive. Being trapped in a never-ending feedback loop can be vicious.


let me assure you that the numbers will be there for @Fitzy triumphant return


All the pretend rap fans will be pretending to get free tickets to go to Electric Picnic later in the year.


A fair few pretend firemen on here tonight predicting doom and gloom for a fire in one hotel room.


A few pretend Man City fans on the back of the club buying a few cult players and little historical support have pretend hidden tonight for the last hour


cc @myboyblue and @Bandage


Wrong thread.


Sorry mate, I had a meeting to attend last night and sick children when I returned. I think my record on this site would suggest I hide from nothing, unlike yourself may I add. That was pretty shameful carryon and quite frankly I’m disappointed in you and @mac


A great move to play the pretend children card to counter an allegation in the pretend thread.


I don’t know why you’re replying to me - @Mac tagged you.

Also explaining = loosing


I was tagged under false pretence