The Pretend Thread


A meeting, sick children and you had to walk the dog… Like the time you spent 40 minutes abusing Dowling and then had to take a bath just as he scored that goal against Slaughtneil


It was the kids taking the bath bro. And I walked the dog to the meeting, please try to keep up.


I’ve a few meetings and baths lined up next week myself.


If you can combine both, you’ll be giving yourself the gift of time.


I don’t buy either.


Pretend marriage breakups.


Fuck you. That thread might save a lot of posters here a lot of trouble.
Let us vent.


Fuck off with yourself. You were pretend bayting the shit out of her a few weeks ago.


@HBV: “My marriage is in crisis.”

@Brimmer_Bradley: “Yeah, but mine is in absolute ruins.”


It never came to or never will come to anything physical.I have joked about giving her a few digs before, but trust me on this one. I’m not that type.


Shocker. Two grown men with family’s to support discuss marriage strife and the forums most immature little gobshite who in his late 30s attained a driving licence passes an unfunny comment


Ignore that prick



You should give George a pretend ring to talk things through.


You should fuck yourself into a disused quarry.


Fuck off and ride the hole off your life partner, if you’re able, you useless cunt.


very poor taste from @Bandage i thought you were better than that.


It was a reverse ball hop, mate. It’s the pretend thread and I was pretending to be thrilled that the chaps are having pretend marriage difficulties. I’m actually delighted that both of them are in a great place with their respective lives. Two sound men and it’s gas craic when they riff on this topic from time to time. Really good banter.


Not a joke when there’s kids involved cuntface.


bollox. the boys wouldn’t pretend that. they have put some personal stuff out and you and ambrose have pounced. i’m disappointed…ye could go through it yerselves some day…
as an aside, i was in the 51 yesterday evening for a few pnts.


Ignore those cunts.