The Pretend Thread


He won’t go through any of the fighting bit because he’s a yellow bellied cunt. She’ll tell him what to do and when to do it and he’ll just say yes mam, three bags full mam.
You can see it happening already, a blind man could.
He’ll just put up with being miserable after 20 years of being bullied by some nordie cunt when he realises that’s his lot in life.


It’s best that you focus on other things and I’m more than happy to be a distraction to your pretend marriage problems.


She only tolerates the fucker because he lost the puppy fat. He’ll get shin splints or depression or something and he’ll load it all back on again, we’ll see what she’s made of then.
The home and away and the wwe threads will be back in fashion


You know nothing of married life and being head of family unit.While you were playing rules drinking games and sizing up the basic controls on a car I was rearing and providing for a family. I feel you’re the type that’ll never fully mature.


You should be rightly proud of yourself.


She tolerates him because the clock is ticking and he’s a soft, easily malleable target.
Good prospects too into the long term as soon as she has him trained,as apart from his physical appearance he has a adequate job and will do as he’s told.


You should grow up. I’ve posted about it before, all of your mates have wives and families.
You’re the weird one that never grew up.


There’s no specific time/age when one should wed. It’s best not to rush into marriage though, as it can lead to pretend marriage difficulties.


You’re an awful innocence auld cratur.


Theres absolutely no rush if you are content to play the pretend daddy.
Your mammy might not buy this tho?


There’s lads out there who got married and had kids in their early 20s, who have turned out a bit bitter with their lot. Mid to late 30s is ideal to settle down and have kids. You’d want all your drinking and whoring done before you’d settle down. Otherwise, you’ll be in your mid forties going through the midlife crisis and buy a motorbike and leather jacket like @Brimmer_Bradley


Ii got married and had a child in my early twenties and did it again in my mid 30s.


You’d be the exception.


That’s no mean feat for an absolute cunt with a deformed face. Fair play to you.


Would you ever broach the idea of not using a condom with her?


Good stuff here tonight in fairness, I’d love to lash a few likes in but I don’t know where I stand, it’s a tough one


Fuck the likes. That’s for fannies. Senior hurling here tonight.


Senior infants is more apt for the 40 year old virgin cunt Bandage.


3rd time lucky mate


Someone made that gag 3 hours ago you asshole