The Pretend Thread


In a couple of opportune comments, @Bandage has a few lads hopping up and down like sausages in a pan. Some of the same lads that mugged off his Iceland vlog. Wonderful.


I was being genuine pal.


Yeah, it was me


It wasn’t. You fucking fool


“Breakups”. = tautology ??


I was tempted to use your “pussy whipped” phrase but after much difficulty I wisely decided to stay out of it and ate a bag of popcorn instead


Just reading it now. Championship hurling

Bandage waded in and doled out a few tasty little jabs but then the Hart foundation rocked into town and lowered the blade big time. Serious dirty blows.

Lovely thread


@glenshane reminds me of a younger smarter me, comes out with the fists flying at the slightest thing, a short price for young poster of the year already


He was probably reading the forum for months before he dived in




Bandage is an immature little cunt that knows fuck all about real life, when the grown ups are on here to vent/ seek / proffer advice he’s sniggering away in the backround ruining good threads, with his predictable glib comments.

The comments from @feck_it regarding his recent hiccup have really given me food for thought this morning and I brought her a coffee in bed as a result, I’ve no doubt the man is genuine and has something to offer, unlike the fat manchild from Wexford.


Little things that might be taken for granted or overlooked can mean a lot pal.


Cloaks descended and personas were double downed on.

“You’ve never been head of a family.”

“You’re a virgin.”

“You’re not mature like me.”

A failure to indulge in the old guys’ pretend marriage crises truly resulted in some terrible retaliatory INTERNETTING.

And it’s continuing into a second day. It’s very boring to watch.


Lot of hurt in that post


Bandage being told a few home truths here and he comes back with his well used ‘ they’re all boring comments’ .
I’d say though we’ve given him the wake up call he needs and deep down he’s thinking he should be more assertive with the nordie slapper.
He’ll start slowly and begin to say no to her over minor things and eventually begin to feel like a man again, she’ll play along with it for the minor decisions,he’ll then overstep his mark someday and she’ll bitchslap him back into his previous cuckhold partner role.
Back to the drawing board again and he’ll be still looking at the real men wondering how they do it.


For all of his bravado, it should be noted that he spent the majority of his expensive holiday to Iceland with his beloved posting on this forum, trying to get the approval of those anonymous weirdos he now decries.


Posting holiday selfies on a forum where everyone sees him as a fucking clown.
That’s as low as it gets.



By Christ you’re the biggest try hard on this place by a mile. And that’s saying something lad. You slide around trying to be the big man when all you crave is attention and to be liked. It would be funny if it wasn’t so tragic. Didn’t you bury a parent a few months back and now you’re talking about doing away with the wife just to be the big man on a forum?? Mother of God,Is your life that pathetic? Those pretend kids your frog march around pitches will need a lot of pretend counselling in years to come.


Another Limerick dullard Gaa supporter. Just what this forum needs. :rollseyes: