The Pretend Thread


And by the way. It’ll be the Limerick kids that will need the counseling after being hammered up and down the pitches of Munster by a well drilled & well trained Tipperary outfit.


Aren’t you the big man that had another woman on the go that your wife supposedly knew about and was happy about it? I believe you had a child with this other woman too and occasionally you and both women shared the same bed?

do you ever get sick of telling lies? Is your life that pathetic.

be jaysus there are some sad cunts on this earth.


By god Dooley is cleaning house here


Glad the pretend crisis has been resolved this morning, but keep the mini stories coming. :+1:


I did mention earlier that it’s always just one minor incident away from full blown screaming match, a very minor thing can trigger it, so when I say things are better, I mean it’s not full time screaming.


A breath of fresh air.


No point and they in separate rooms.


@Brimmer_Bradley is on fire


@Dooley’s bio says he’s only read 1.2k posts but he knows info from a few months ago and other info going back years.


He ducks in and out here every now and again with the same shite.


Did you see the one solitary like he got for that load of drivel. Says loads.


He’s best ignored.


Case in point here. Your whole life is consumed with likes on an internet forum.
go way out and get a life for yourself you sad little man.


What a laugh.
Do you understand the word irony or is it lost on you?
Fuck me this place is full of dullards.


You actually went and read my ‘bio’

Mother of Jesus Christ above in heaven. This place is cracked. You people believe this is all real and that it actually matters.

It’s desperately sad reading




He’s an awful fucking pleb that chap. A real “ god help us “.


(This lad is fucking slaying.)

You remember tiny details of strangers lives that you read years ago on THE INTERNET. You form secret grudges against these imaginary INTERNET people and store up this hate for years on end without saying anything. Then you come in after watching silently for years to deliver personal insults to these people when their marriages are breaking up.

You are, without doubt, the biggest fucking weirdo that I have ever had the misfortune to encounter in my entire fucking life. I struggle to imagine how empty and disappointing your life must be, but I know that it is almost certainly down to odd and freakish behavior like you have demonstrated today. I will pray for you.

(Sidney? Tassotti? Harry? Maybe even Chocolatemice getting withdrawal symptoms?)


If ever a Thread properly lived up to its title then this one is the greatest.


Oh look the Norris Cole of TFK decides to stick whatever is left of his nose in