The Pretend Thread


This is known as a gentleman’s saw. I could make a cheap joke about you not having much use for it, but I’m far too much of a gentleman.


It’s a bread knife


You’re right


The Budweiser and Guinness drinking pretend strong Belgian beer enthusiasts are getting fierce animated on some thread or other now


I thought there was already a thread for this kind of thing? I’ve been googling Benelux beers furiously trying to pick my favourite.


I’m related to Brother Barnabas in the Orval monastery. He got me interested in the trappist beers.


Your father?


No, he’s a Monk so you call him brother.


I heard he has a very dirty habit.


A very cowlardly dig indeed.


You stupid little man.


Pretend chums of Cillian Murphy.


a lot of lads that dislike cricket are positively oozing that the Australian cricket team went to a hurling game before


The pretend farmers are having another outing


Pretend ‘negotiations’ to get to a match, but, you’ve guessed it… can’t travel. :joy::joy::joy::joy:
Some fucking laugh. :joy::joy::joy:


You’ve taken my description of your daughter as a pig faced minger who smells of shit very badly, mate.


Pretend Father’s Day cards. Lads getting up at 6am to make them.


I never even got a pretend one. My usual father’s day treat to myself is watching the hurling and refusing point blank to do anything else as “it’s fathers day”
You could say it’s a little tradition of mine.
Where T F is @Tassotti speaking of which? The site badly needs him back.


Life threatening insect bites.


At a conservative estimate, I’ve probably gotten upwards of fifty horsefly bites in my life. I had no idea I was living life so close to the edge. I’ll be ringing for an ambulance the next time.